Over 12 years of classes. More than 500 women with changed lives!

During the first class, Min. Foster will introduce herself to you and get to know each student a little bit. Then, she will give an overview of what to expect and the topics that will be spoken as well as give time for any questions people may have.

Dealing with the pity party that we all go through that slows down our progress.

How do we answer the question, why me?

How do we deal with the answer so that we can move forward?

The blame game. God is sovereign so why did He allow this to happen?

It’s a question you will inevitably ask at some point in your life.

During this class, we will discuss the question, its impact in life, and how to assign blame where it is due.

Forgiveness of:

A. Others

B. Self

C. God

All three require a different set of skills which this class will help you develop.

How do I let go of shame? How do I get over what happened to me? How do I move past it?

Sent2Heal will show you.

Going through life, many of us shut off our emotions which makes us lose our authentic selves and makes it impossible to connect to purpose.

In this class you will learn how to press reset when you’ve shut off your emotions so that you can reconnect with yourself and your purpose.

Regain your self esteem and your purpose. In this class, we’ll work on repairing yourself and connecting to your life’s work.

You’ll be Healed2Heal.

During this class we’ll also do a little makeover to help make the outside match your new inside. (The makeover is voluntary, if you do not want to participate in the makeup portion or if you don’t want to purchase makeup to use at this time it is up to your discretion.)

In the last class we’ll review what all was taught, benchmark your growth, and create goals for your future.

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